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Shadows & Shorelines was the first of our wellwellwell...  series of chapbooks, featuring a selection of poems by Andy Ducker, with solar plate relief etching endpapers and cover artwork by Bruce Carter.

Many of Andy’s meditative and playful poems were already well known to many in the Denmark community before this edition sold out. Exploring life, love and mortality with tenderness and humour, some are set against a backdrop of the beaches, rivers and waterways of the south coast which inspired Andy so much, whilst others take us to the busy streets of Melbourne & beyond.

Showcasing local poetry, fiction and non-fiction, the wellwellwell… chapbook series features original artwork by south coast artists, and is made using the best materials and techniques. By combining archival inkjet and platen press technologies on small books, we hope to keep them affordable to readers, and therefore also an accessible outlet for people with words and images to share.