Flightpath is a far-ranging anthology of poetry and prose inspired by the migratory birds of the world, with contributions from Australia, New ZeaZealandland, Singapore and the United States. P1130444Edited by Virginia Jealous, the collection features linocut illustrations by Victoria Castiglione. P1130443A limited cloth-bound hardback edition of Flightpath was launched in Denmark, Western Australia on October 13th, at the Arts House, 3A Strickland Street.







Some copies of Flightpath may still be found on the shelves of the following outlets: Butter Factory Studios, Denmark; Boffins Books, Perth; Paperbark Merchants, Albany; The Lane Bookshop, Claremont; New Edition, Fremantle; & Crow Books, Victoria Park. Copies are also available online at the Boffins Books website (www.boffinsbooks.com.au); via website enquiry at The Lane Bookshop; or via email or phone orders at New Edition or Crow Books.

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