The Tercel Bird is an accomplished debut collection from Albany poet Yann Toussaint, featuring an engaging sequence of poems, full of wry humour and deep feeling. Although the settings wander from Albany to India, Gibraltar and elsewhere, the focus is always on nature, family and relationships.

The book is illustrated with original relief prints by Denmark artist Janine McCrum. It has been printed with a combination of digital and letterpress techniques and hand-bound in hard covers by Simon Parry and Graham Kershaw. The current edition is sold out.

The Tercel Bird reviewed by Writing WA:

‘These poems happen in their own sweet time. The lineation is assured, with a great attentiveness to sound moving through lines; take for example the effect of ‘Flying slowly in dissolute flocks’. Although slim, The Tercel Bird contains universes, along with sensitivity to deep time. Its deft coordinates track between Albany, Morocco, a walk along the Thames. In it one finds a world of candles rather than chandeliers, a blessed slow moving world in which there is time to watch a young kestrel learning to fly. The reading experience is utterly enhanced by the fine press practices of Hallowell Press.’

Version 2

Based in Albany, Yann teaches at the University of Western Australia and runs community garden projects. His poems have appeared in a number of anthologies & literary journals, and have been broadcast on Radio National’s Poetica. Yann read excerpts from The Tercel Bird at the Denmark Festival of Voice in 2016, in company with Lucy Dougan and Virginia Jealous.