‘I collect islands, fifty-one  so far, and I dream of many more. I love their aloneness, their isolation, their relationship with the sea. I love island people, their strength and individuality, their deep understanding of the environment in which they live. And on each island I love to observe and discover nature unique to its place, a bird never seen before, a flower, a butterfly…a sound.’

Islands of my Father, by Richenda Goldfinch, the third in our wellwellwell… chapbook series, is a lyrical memoir of episodes from youth, the expanding horizons of Richenda’s lifelong island-hopping odyssey across the seven seas.

Beginning in her early years in the British Isles, Islands… culminates in an adventure with her father in the summer of 1961, hunting for an elusive wolf spider on rocky islands off the coast of North Africa. Along the way she learns a little of whom she might be, where she has come from and where her next landfall might lie…

 Copies can be obtained by post from this website for $20 plus postage.

Desertas - Copy

‘The search for new islands goes on.’