Many thanks for the many people who have submitted text and imagery for Flightpath. Edited by Virginia Jealous, this wide-ranging anthology of poetry and prose is focused on the theme of migratory birds, and will be released by Hallowell Press in 2017. A publication date will be announced soon.

Hallowell Press operates from the shores of Wilson Inlet, on the south coast of Western Australia. Starting in October, millions of migratory birds travel the East Asian-Australasian Flyway to gather here. In March they do it all again, in reverse. Communities in the 22 countries along the flyway share common experiences of geography and migration, viewed through different cultural and political lenses. How do we respond to these movements? What can we make of them?


Flightpath brings together birdwatchers, scientists, refugees, travellers and artists in a creative exploration of literal and metaphorical interpretations of ‘flightpath.’


The editor of Flightpath is Virginia Jealous, whose work includes poetry, travel journalism and essays. Her bird pieces range from poems in journals and anthologies to articles for Birdlife Australia and The Weekend Australian, and birding destinations for Lonely Planet . She has been part of bird surveys from remote Australia to the high Himalaya, and is also a long-time advocate for asylum seekers making flights of a different kind. Virginia’s second collection of poems, Hidden World, was published by Hallowell Press in 2013. She curated the blog